Our Partners

We did great things together with our close partners,

Below are the our highlighted projects and partners.

  • SpringElectronics - Our close partner which whom we make a lot of projects together.
  • FibroLAN- Developing Ethernet systems containing 1/2.5/10Gbps interfaces, Timing: 1588, GPS, Rubidium.

  • Ethernity Networks - ACE-NIC 100 -Flexible 10/25/40/100G Ethernet connectivity and a programmable FPGA (Ultrascale+) acceleration flow processor includes 12 DDR4.
  • Actelis Networks - TDM Over Ethernet System Design, Up to 32E1/T1 and V35 per unit. Specific custom design service. 
  • Foresight- Quad Sight System for Autonomous vehicle system, seamless fusion of 4 cameras.
  • Harmonics- DULC2, controlling board for system transferring Video files, including components: PLL, Ethernet NIC, 10G SW, ComExpress, FPGA, RF Tuner.
  • LightGuard- Non-lethal temporary blinding equipment for The security markets.
  • Teladata/ADC - IMAP Project, Ethernet boards containing 1/2.5/10Gbps, xDSL, CPU, ATM, TDM, interfaces.